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Don’t want to hit the gym? You’re not the only one!

June 28, 2010

A girl has to work out. Seriously. In order for “my milkshake” to continue to “bring all the boys to the yard” I have to put on some hard work at the gym and lately, I’ve been struggling to make it to the gym –particularly after a Friday night at the casino where this young lady won $479.00 at the blackjack tables (mind you) and after some heavy celebratory drinking it is difficult to have the guts to really get on your jumpsuit and hit those punching bags, let alone join the Tae-Bo class or lift some weights, oh the weights!

But… I have to go to the gym. I have not seen what that place looks like in about a month, and I’m sure the guy friends I’ve been talking to won’t be very impressed If I show up to  the next Oktoberfest with a beer belly included. So in search for motivation I did what a lot of people do for answers to almost every conceivable problem mankind has faced since 1998: I went to Google.

Once there, I typed in “I don’t want to go to the gym”. Yes, as amazing as that sounds deep inside we all think our friend Google has the answers for everything. But lo and behold: it seems I’m not alone in this belief; just check out the rest of the top queries that Google suggested to me as soon as I started typing the words “I don’t want to go” based on what their users search the most:

I am no longer alone! Citizens of the Internet, you are not alone either: none of us wants to go to college, or to work. We also don’t want to sleep: I was the perfect example last night. In fact, whenever I get lucky at the tables my friends usually hate it because for one, I don’t share any of my winnings with them (why should I?) and second I make them stay, waaay past their Friday night bedtime which is usually not that early either. Trust me, I’m not leaving a table when I’m on a roll.

Now, let’s analyze the full spectrum of human emotion. People seem to also have trouble to go bed mat at their significant others (because that just may mean breakfast will not include bacon) or go to prom (because let’s face it, high school sucked right?)  And how about going through the motions? What do you mean by that? Oh ah song! Oh ok. Anyway, let’s get back to that “I don’t want to go to work” querie and let’s dig deeper:

Unbelievable but true! People do not want to go to work tomorrow, today or anymore, ever again. In fact, they’d like to listen to a song about not working today and sing it (for which they’ll need the lyrics).

My job has a great schedule and I like how my paychecks look so far so I’m not complaining, however I can understand where you’re coming from fellow Google Searchers because after all these great findings about human behavior and the things that we don’t like to do, I still don’t want to go to the gym!