Where Should I Stay in Vegas?

March 20, 2010

Las VegasI am planning another trip to Vegas this July and am getting very excited. I am thinking about staying at the Wynn because I’ve never been there, but am interested in what you guys think. Is this is a good place to stay? I’ve heard that it’s over-priced but really nice. I usually stay at the Bellagio just because I love the hotel, but I like to play at the Hilton.

Last time I was in Las Vegas I left after three days with $500 more dollars than I came with (that’s after shopping!). I’m hoping to do the same on this trip and just wanted some feedback on what everyone’s favorite Vegas hotel/casino is. I really want to try somewhere new, but don’t want to end up in a dump like the Riviera – been there, done that 😦 I made a list of all of the hotels I am thinking of, including my fav, the Bellagio, but want to see what you all like. What do you think?

Thanks for you help!


Juliana Peyton


One comment

  1. not sure about the hotels in vegas. the only time i was in vegas a bunch of us rented a large house for a week. i think the bellagio or the rio i would like to stay at. have fun out there, wish i was going.

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